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Photo by Jeff Griffith from the film "Sister Aimee."


LOST TV FOOTAGE FOUND, 40 YRS AGO: Did you ever find something sentimental that hits you from the past? Just discovered show we thought was gone, not saved. RR was 17, profiled on CBS Evening Magazine with best friend, the late John Walker, who wrote songs with him. Host Dave Durian. Film's damaged in spots, but plays. Walker and Rossi play music for fellow students, interview, shots of classes/friends. If you'd like to take a trip back in time to high school 1981, & meet RR's teen self & friends, its 8 mins:


CANAAN LAND film trailer:


Take tour of Hollywood with RICHARD ROSSI & Knight Rider Star Rebecca Holden as they dicsuss their film "Canaan Land":


2020 RR discusses Canaan Land novel and film on urban popular podcast:


Richard interviewed recently giving guidance for creative and unconventional people. Host Patricia Durgin. Click HERE:


Richard interviewed on EYE ON ENTERTAINMENT discussing his life, family, faith, and films Canaan Land, Sister Aimee, and Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories:
Richard Rossi 2021 interview on "Kickin It Wit Phil", Part 1:
Richard Rossi, "Kickin It Wit Phil," Part 2 (Richard performs "Canaan Land" title song LIVE: 
"Heart of Gold" performed by RR age 31 at his hometown's premiere rock club:
"Richard Rossi made the girls cry last night with his poignant song "Pretty Lady," a song Rossi penned with his songwriting partner and closest friend, Johnny Walker. ""It's about the pressure on women to look externally beautiful, when they are often not feeling loved for who they are internally," Rossi said. Backed by a stellar band, with his brother Pete a stand-out on lead guitar, Rossi's heartfelt songs calmed the beast of the raucous rock crowd that packed the place at Pittsburgh's premiere nightclub venue Graffitti's on Baum Boulevard." (News Record, 1994) Watch HERE:
Richard swapping guitar solos on stage with his talented baby brother Pete Rossi who is gone too soon, now in Heaven. A happy night in the 90s at the iconic Graffiti's rock nightclub:
Jazz song in honor of his Dad, Richard plays "I'm Confessin":
THE CANAAN LAND CONTROVERSY: Rebecca Holden & Richard Rossi interviw about the controversy over novel/film "Canaan Land.":
Richard's Dad died after Christmas. Here's a song Richard wrote to honor him:

Richard Rossi's passionate song "All My Life" was hastily written by Rossi, then he sang and played the song simply with a Spanish guitar at 3 a.m. in a fit of musical inspiration. The song was recorded at a private studio owned by the scion of the Isaly's ice cream family. The only additional tracks in addition to Richard's spanish guitar are violin strings Rossi added on a second track, and his brother Pete playing a tambourine, simply striking it every other beat. The song was a top vote-getter as a favorite song on . It appears on his album "Seasons Of My Heart: The Stick Man Soundtrack," available at Amazon. Listen HERE:


Marty Ingels, comic legend, (hubby of Oscar Winner Shirley Jones). Marty passed recently. He did an interesting interview with Richard about God & faith, here's link to listen:

Richard plays "Autumn Leaves" on his guitar for you. He recorded it on his laptop @ kitchen table. Enjoy it:


Original Mother's Day Song 2015 from Richard's heart for Moms, he sang & recorded it on laptop, listen HERE:

Richard wrote a Christmas song "Happy Birthday Jesus",
Click here to hear:

"THE DEATH OF MICHAEL BROWN" New song Richard wrote. Please retweet for justice: 


Lovers of the love song Richard wrote for his movie on Roberto Clemente are celebrating the passion with dance & montages of love scenes, here's music video:


Watch Interview with Richard Rossi about his controversial new novel "Stick Man" hosted by Phil Bell. Click HERE:


Watch Richard performing in Pittsburgh live at the famed Graffiti nightclub in the 1990's, to hear a song he wrote for his brother, click HERE:


Watch recent performance by Richard of 2 songs off his new CD, and an interview with Richard about his new novel. Click HERE:


Richard Rossi gave talk on putting your Dreams Into Action & Creating Your Life. Thanks to his friend psychologist Victoria Treser for inviting him to speak at Burbank spa:


New video of song Richard wrote of confession, intimacy, worship:

This song John Walker & Richard wrote for a rally for disabled children in Point State Park:


In a spiritual battle? This new song video is about overcoming:


New link, Richard performing song "Pretty Lady":


Gone thru something in life that makes no sense? Here's brand new video of Richard performing "The Plan." Thanks Steve Sobek for taping & John Walker for writing this song with Richard:


Highlights of Richard Rossi's acting. To watch, Click HERE:


Photo montage of Richard Rossi. To watch, Click HERE:



Brand NEW trailer for new Roberto Clemente film, to see click HERE:


CBS TV news report on Pittsburgh premiere:

Here's a link to the Roberto Clemente movie song on Youtube from director Richard Rossi's live performance with his friend Lisa singing with him at the sold-out Pittsburgh screenings:

New TV interview about Clemente movie:


Richard interviewed about film for Steel City documentary:


Richard Rossi interview about Roberto Clemente movie, Celebrity Show, Pt. 1, Click HERE:

Richard Rossi interview about Roberto Clemente movie, Celebrity Show, Pt. 2, Click HERE:


Richard Rossi interview about Roberto Clemente movie, Celebrity Show, Pt. 3, Click HERE:


Footage from 3 Scenes from first-cut of film, Click HERE:


Audition Scene from Richard's upcoming film "Baseball's Last Hero." To watch, Click HERE:


Richard's Recent TV Interview In Pittsburgh on Clemente Film. Click HERE:


Richard shares his vision for the Clemente film. To watch, Click HERE:


Promo trailer for "Baseball's Last Hero."  To watch, Click HERE:

Youtube Channel with Red Carpet Roberto Clemente premiere interviews:




Richard Rossi performs stand-up comedy routine about "Recovering From Religion" in Burbank, California. To watch, Click HERE:

Richard Dancing & Promoting his son's band as the hippest Funky Rad Dad:


Comedy-acting duo Thom Rachford (from the iconic "Thief in the Night" film series) & Richard Rossi have fun answering questions today sent to them by email:


Richard's hilarious comedic performance as Farf the leprechaun in the fairytale stage play "To Fly." Click HERE:




Trailer from Richard's feature film, "Sister Aimee: The Aimee Semple McPherson Story." To watch, Click HERE:


The emotional end scene from Sister Aimee. To watch, Click HERE:




RICHARD ROSSI and son JOSH ROSSI play blues song "Old Love":


Richard and son Josh perform Father-son duet of "Lonely Boy: Out on the Weekend":


Richard's daughter Karis interviewing the star of Clemente film, Jamie Nieto, at Hollywood premiere:


Richard & son Josh playing his new song "Homeless Dave" together at holiday party, thanks Sherry Kreuger for posting:► 2:30


Richard Rossi and his daughter Karis acting together in the acclaimed silent short film "Closing Doors." To watch, Click HERE:


Richard's two children, Karis and Josh, singing "Hallelujah." To watch, click HERE:


Cellphone use while driving kills thousands, it's the #1 killer on the road now. Here's Richard's wife Sherrie Rossi's puppet PSA "Drive

Now Please" you can watch:

Richard Rossi mentors musically his talented prodigy son Joshua at Rossi Music Studio in Pittsburgh.


LEARN GUITAR OVERNIGHT: Here are Richard's FREE online guitar classes. This is the same material Richard teaches in his world-famous guitar classes taught through The Learning Annex, Los Angeles Valley College, & Rossi Music Studio. The first 2 lessons deal with rhythm guitar (chords), and the next 3 deal with playing lead guitar (melody) by using the scales famous guitarists use & by reading music, & the last lesson is for those wanting to worship with the guitar.




Brand new FREE Lead Guitar Class Part 2 with Richard, click HERE:

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For those of you interested in leading worship music in a church setting, here's Richard's new training class, click HERE

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