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Photo by Jeff Griffith from the film "Sister Aimee."



CANAAN LAND film trailer:


Richard interviewed recently giving guidance for creative and unconventional people. Host Patricia Durgin. Click HERE:


Richard interviewed on EYE ON ENTERTAINMENT discussing his life, family, faith, and films Canaan Land, Sister Aimee, and Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories:
Richard swapping guitar solos on stage with his talented baby brother Pete Rossi who is gone too soon, now in Heaven. A happy night in the 90s at the iconic Graffiti's rock nightclub:
Richard's Dad died after Christmas. Here's a song Richard wrote to honor him:

Richard Rossi's passionate song "All My Life" was hastily written by Rossi, then he sang and played the song simply with a Spanish guitar at 3 a.m. in a fit of musical inspiration. The song was recorded at a private studio owned by the scion of the Isaly's ice cream family. The only additional tracks in addition to Richard's spanish guitar are violin strings Rossi added on a second track, and his brother Pete playing a tambourine, simply striking it every other beat. The song was a top vote-getter as a favorite song on . It appears on his album "Seasons Of My Heart: The Stick Man Soundtrack," available at Amazon. Listen HERE:


Marty Ingels, comic legend, (hubby of Oscar Winner Shirley Jones). Marty passed recently. He did an interesting interview with Richard about God & faith, here's link to listen:

Richard plays "Autumn Leaves" on his guitar for you. He recorded it on his laptop @ kitchen table. Enjoy it:


Original Mother's Day Song 2015 from Richard's heart for Moms, he sang & recorded it on laptop, listen HERE:

Richard wrote a Christmas song "Happy Birthday Jesus",
Click here to hear:

"THE DEATH OF MICHAEL BROWN" New song Richard wrote. Please retweet for justice: 


Lovers of the love song Richard wrote for his movie on Roberto Clemente are celebrating the passion with dance & montages of love scenes, here's music video:


Watch Interview with Richard Rossi about his controversial new novel "Stick Man" hosted by Phil Bell. Click HERE:


Watch Richard performing in Pittsburgh live at the famed Graffiti nightclub in the 1990's, to hear a song he wrote for his brother, click HERE:


Watch recent performance by Richard of 2 songs off his new CD, and an interview with Richard about his new novel. Click HERE:


Richard Rossi gave talk on putting your Dreams Into Action & Creating Your Life. Thanks to his friend psychologist Victoria Treser for inviting him to speak at Burbank spa:


New video of song Richard wrote of confession, intimacy, worship:

This song John Walker & Richard wrote for a rally for disabled children in Point State Park:


In a spiritual battle? This new song video is about overcoming:


New link, Richard performing song "Pretty Lady":


Gone thru something in life that makes no sense? Here's brand new video of Richard performing "The Plan." Thanks Steve Sobek for taping & John Walker for writing this song with Richard:


Highlights of Richard Rossi's acting. To watch, Click HERE:


Photo montage of Richard Rossi. To watch, Click HERE:


Richard acting in scene in restaurant: MyStudio Video - RICHARD ROSSI



Brand NEW trailer for new Roberto Clemente film, to see click HERE:


CBS TV news report on Pittsburgh premiere:

Here's a link to the Roberto Clemente movie song on Youtube from director Richard Rossi's live performance with his friend Lisa singing with him at the sold-out Pittsburgh screenings:

New TV interview about Clemente movie:


Richard interviewed about film for Steel City documentary:


Richard Rossi interview about Roberto Clemente movie, Celebrity Show, Pt. 1, Click HERE:

Richard Rossi interview about Roberto Clemente movie, Celebrity Show, Pt. 2, Click HERE:


Richard Rossi interview about Roberto Clemente movie, Celebrity Show, Pt. 3, Click HERE:


Footage from 3 Scenes from first-cut of film, Click HERE:


Audition Scene from Richard's upcoming film "Baseball's Last Hero." To watch, Click HERE:


Richard's Recent TV Interview In Pittsburgh on Clemente Film. Click HERE:


Richard shares his vision for the Clemente film. To watch, Click HERE:


Promo trailer for "Baseball's Last Hero."  To watch, Click HERE:

Youtube Channel with Red Carpet Roberto Clemente premiere interviews:




Richard Rossi performs stand-up comedy routine about "Recovering From Religion" in Burbank, California. To watch, Click HERE:

Richard Dancing & Promoting his son's band as the hippest Funky Rad Dad:


Comedy-acting duo Thom Rachford (from the iconic "Thief in the Night" film series) & Richard Rossi have fun answering questions today sent to them by email:


Richard's hilarious comedic performance as Farf the leprechaun in the fairytale stage play "To Fly." Click HERE:




Trailer from Richard's feature film, "Sister Aimee: The Aimee Semple McPherson Story." To watch, Click HERE:


The emotional end scene from Sister Aimee. To watch, Click HERE:




Richard's daughter Karis interviewing the star of Clemente film, Jamie Nieto, at Hollywood premiere:


Richard & son Josh playing his new song "Homeless Dave" together at holiday party, thanks Sherry Kreuger for posting:► 2:30


Richard Rossi and his daughter Karis acting together in the acclaimed silent short film "Closing Doors." To watch, Click HERE:


Richard's two children, Karis and Josh, singing "Hallelujah." To watch, click HERE:


Cellphone use while driving kills thousands, it's the #1 killer on the road now. Here's Richard's wife Sherrie Rossi's puppet PSA "Drive

Now Please" you can watch:

Richard Rossi mentors musically his talented prodigy son Joshua at Rossi Music Studio in Pittsburgh.


LEARN GUITAR OVERNIGHT: Here are Richard's FREE online guitar classes. This is the same material Richard teaches in his world-famous guitar classes taught through The Learning Annex, Los Angeles Valley College, & Rossi Music Studio. The first 2 lessons deal with rhythm guitar (chords), and the next 3 deal with playing lead guitar (melody) by using the scales famous guitarists use & by reading music, & the last lesson is for those wanting to worship with the guitar.




Brand new FREE Lead Guitar Class Part 2 with Richard, click HERE:

click HERE

For those of you interested in leading worship music in a church setting, here's Richard's new training class, click HERE

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