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Photo Caption: Richard in his Broadway performance in the lead role of "Elmer Gantry" in the first-run of the play "Elmer Gantry." Reviews said, "Rossi's performance was stellar and carried the play singlehandedly."

On set of "Sister Aimee." L to R: Etienne Eckert, Mimi Michaels as Aimee, Charles Gorgano as D.A. Keyes, Rance Howard (father of Ron Howard) as James Kennedy, Randy Toews, Writer-Director Richard Rossi

Photo Caption: Richard shooting a love scene on the beaches of Puerto Rico for his feature film "BASEBALL'S LAST HERO: 21 CLEMENTE STORIES." L to R: Richard Rossi (holding camera), Two-time Olympian Jamie Nieto as Roberto, and Project Runway Winner Marilinda Rivera as Vera.   





Richard Rossi's blog "INTIMATE COMMUNICATION" gives you a chance to get intimate with Richard and read his writing about his life and his artistic and spiritual journey. Here's the link to read, Click HERE:

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