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"Richard Rossi Live" is one of the most popular international talk-shows on TV and radio with an audience of over 2,000,000 viewers and listeners & has featured recent guests like (partial list): Michael Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau, Elvis fiancee Ginger Alden, Nicole Brown Simpson's sister, the Harlem Globetrotters, Walt Disney animators, Peanuts character Voice Artists, "Night of the Living Dead" writer John Russo, Infomercial King Matthew Lesko, actors Sherilyn Fenn, Richard Anderson, Lindsay Wagner, Cindy Williams, Dawn Wells, Sally Kirkland, Knight Rider's Rebecca Holden, Kathy Garver,  Ron Howards' Dad Rance Howard, It's A Wonderful Life's Karolyn "Zuzu" Grimes, Liz Torres, Mod Squad's Michael Cole, King Kong's Linda Jo Miller, & Julie Adams.


HISTORY: "Richard Rossi Live" began on WPIT-FM, a 5,000 watt station in Pittsburgh, PA and Richard broadcast on three Pittsburgh TV stations.  The program first aired during the fall season on WPGH-TV 53 and WPTT-TV 22, and later on WPCB in 1991. The show quickly garnered a huge following.  Public listener parties for the station's other shows that typically drew 50 people were eclipsed when "Richard Rossi Live" attained a following unheard of in the Western Pennsylvania market.  Public gatherings of fans drew 2,000 per event and had to be held in the cities large auditoriums like Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall. 


Eventually, the WPIT station was sold & Richard turned down a lucrative offer to take the show nationally because it required him to agree to narrow dictates that would've restrained him from speaking his mind freely on some of his views on spirituality & art. Fans wrote letters, e-mails, and petitions to restore "Richard Rossi Live" to the airwaves. Their love for the show created a snowball effect to bring back the program.


In December 2013, "Richard Rossi Live" returned to the air to an international audience & has quickly become one of the most popular shows on TV and Blogtalkradio.  Leading artists, Oscar winners, movie & TV stars, writers, & other interesting thinkers & movers & shakers line up to appear on Richard's show.  With his calming voice & intelligent questions, Richard hosts a warm show to talk about what matters in art and culture




Listen to first episode of Richard's new rebooted show on Blogtalkradio "Richard Rossi Live" by clicking HERE:  

Listen now to second episode  of Richard Rossi: Create Your Life, Part 2 at


Richard Rossi Live. Richard interviews his son Josh about his band, "The Aeons." Click HERE:   


4th Episode, Create Your Life, Part 3: 

5th episode: British hula hoop queen, magician touring with Liberace, & bon vivant who narrowly escaped being a victim in the Tate-La Bianca murders:


6th Episode, This show will help you succeed in your creative callings to listen click HERE:   


7th Episode: John Cassandro's worked as a wrestling announcer, drummer, DJ, & host of a rock radio show. He spent 7 years in Nashville working in the music industry & co-founded a major music festival. In addition to talking about the worlds of wrestling & Christian rock, John talks about living life against the odds, overcoming his past traumas of a childhood in foster homes, and a painful divorce. John shares how to see your past as a point of reference not a place of residence.To listen, click HERE: 


SALLY KIRKLAND - 8th Episode: For those of you who missed Oscar-nominated actress Sally Kirkland interview, it was great. Actors, artists, hear a master actress address the craft of acting, listen here:


Listen to ninth episode Actress, Artist, Director Alexia Anastasio on Richard Rossi Live at


WANNA MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIE? Indie filmmakers you'll be encouraged by Kevin Sean Michaels interview on Richard Rossi Live's 10th episode, listen @ this link:


BIONIC WOMAN fans, listen to Richard Rossi Live episode 11 for fun discussion of the iconic BW show, click HERE:


HAUNTED WORLD OF ED WOOD If you missed Richard's 12th show on cult director of Plan 9 Listen in now at


On his 13th show, Richard answers listener questions on a variety of subjects including Hell, God, Perfectionism, Aging & Starting A New Career later in life, Overcoming Writer's Block & Creative Dry Spells. Listen at this link:


Director Mark Freiburger's interview earlier on Richard Rossi Live. To listen to show #14 click HERE:


Frank Schaeffer (Best-selling author, son of Francis Schaeffer) interview on Richard's radio show discusses the Religious Right, Art & Culture, to listen to show #15 click HERE:


Family Affair Actress Kathy Garver ("Cissy") on 16th episode of "Richard Rossi Live." Click HERE:


Musicians, singers, filmmakers, editors, artists, this interview will really inspire you. Oscar winner Kevin Klauber (editor on "Twenty Feet From Stardom") was on Richard's show just days after winning Oscar.  If you missed show 17 listen @ this link, click HERE:


FILMMAKERS/ACTORS/WRITERS - very helpful interview. The son of late actress Jean Stapleton and the late producer/director William H. Putch, John Putch is often referred to as an independent film maverick. Listen to interview on "Richard Rossi Live," can replay episode 18 anytime click HERE:


Steeler fans, great interview on Richard's 19th show with Dale Grdnick, author of "Tales From the Pittsburgh Steelers Sideline," & "Pittsburgh Steelers Glory Days." Click HERE:


Does Hell exist? If so, who goes there? Show #20 features director Kevin Miller. Click to hear Hellbound? show here:


Director Darla Rae on episode 21 of "Richard Rossi" Live click HERE:


Richard Rossi answers questions from listeners, discussing codependency, rejection, handing text/EM! Listen to episode 22 now at


In the Bible Belt of Texas, how did one woman, a loving wife and mother, escape rigid religion? Hear her fascinating journey from fundamentalism to freedom. Barbara Symons is Richard's guest on episode 23 @ this link:


Novelist Marlayne Giron is Richard's guest on episode 24. How did a Jewish girl end up writing a Christian allegorical novel compared to C.S. Lewis & J.R. Tolkien? Listen in now at


Are you a parent wanting connection with your child? Guest Cathi Curen on Episode 25 of "Richard Rossi Live":


Richard discusses Creativity, Recovery, & Healing...Tune in to Episode 26. Renowned opera singer calls in live and sings over the phone for Richard:


Listen to a special program with guest Isaac Bar-jonah (the actor who plays Manny "Sangy" Sanguillen in the film "Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories") about Roberto Clemente & the movie's screenings. To listen to episode 27, click HERE:


Easter show. Resurrection - Fact , Fiction, or Fantasy? Richard Rossi examines both sides of the evidence & arguments on air! Listen to episode 28 now at


Richard discusses relationship questions that will help you with what you've been thru in relationship issues, some spicy issues on sex and love among other questions on dealing with criticism & bad press & what do to when your career goals are delayed, here's link to listen to episode 29:


This 30th episode Richard discusses film, meditation, intuition, theological & philosophical issues, pros & cons of Christian films...


On this controversial 31st episode, Richard exposes how the media's missing the key with the Santa Barbara school shootings. He discusses how false, fundamentalist concepts of God are at the root & how religion affects us. Listen to replay now at


Richard Rossi hosts Daren Moore, head of the Conservative Christian Coalition who is leading an effort to stop Richard's Roberto Clemente film. Richard allows his critic to express his opposition to the film in this no-holds barred confrontation on episode 32. Listen to replay HERE:


"Remembering Michael Jackson" episode 33 show on Richard Rossi Live to mark the 5 yr. anniversary of his passing. You can listen to replay of our most listened to and downloaded show with special guests MJ attorney Tom Mesereau, & Deborah L. Kunesh creator of "Reflections of the Dance" (the definitive archive and website of Michael's work.) Here's link listen:


Need healing from the damage of abusive, rigid, or legalist religion? Listen to replay of this program (episode 34) - POST TRAUMATIC CHURCH SYNDROME with guest Reba Riley @ 11 a.m. PST, listen HERE:


THE DEATH OF COMEDIAN ROBIN WILLIAMS: REQUIEM FOR A CLOWN PRINCE. Why? Why was Robin depressed? In this program, Richard digs deeper than the mainstream media coverage to address the elephant in the room, discussing not only Robin's brilliant career, but also issues of depression, suicide, and the artistic temperament. If you loved Robin and want more in-depth analysis, replay this program, for episode 35, click HERE:


Listen to replay of "Richard Rossi Live" broadcast interviewing director Darla Rae about amazing theater troupe of disabled actors on episode 36. Click HERE:


Elvis fans worldwide have waited 37 years for Ginger Alden, his girlfriend who found him when he died, to tell her story of life and love with the King of Rock and Roll. Now, she talks in-depth for first-time on Richard Rossi Live. Listen to replay of Elvis last love & fiancee GINGER ALDEN on Richard's 37th show: 


Listen to replay of Richard's interview with Dawn Wells, (Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island).  Richard celebrates with Mary Ann on this show, the day her new book "What Would Mary Ann Do?" is published. Dawn and Richard also share this show on the 50th Anniversary of Gilligan's Island. Listen to replay of episode 38 HERE:


VETS & their families: Listen to replay of Richard's radio show with his mother Dorothy Rossi as his guest. Richard & Dorothy Rossi talk about helping the wounded warriors. Here's link to episode 39:


Talented actress/director, Mary Jane on Spiderman, Sara T. Ballantine on Richard Rossi Live today, talking about her film "Troupers" a Valentine to show biz legends, including her father, Richard Rossi's friend the late, great Carl Ballantine. Here's link to episode 40:


Replay & listen to Richard Rossi Live radio show with guest actress Colleen Shelley. They talked about the importance of women getting checked to beat breast cancer. Click here:


THE BENEFITS OF AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. Join Richard for Thanksgiving from anywhere in the world for uplifting Thanksgiving show, 30 minutes of sharing on the power of gratitude. Listen @ this link:


LISTEN NOW TO REPLAY of a FANTASTIC guest interview. Six Million Dollar Man & Bionic Woman fans, actor Richard Anderson aka Oscar Goldman LIVE...


Richard Rossi debates "Officer" Walter Dean, head of an association defending white cops when they shoot unarmed black men.  Listen to replay, click HERE:


Former NFL star linebacker Keith Mitchell shares his journey from Pro Bowler to yoga teacher, here's link to listen to episode 45:


Listen to Holiday episode "Wrapping Up the Year Christmas Show."  Richard reveals Top Ten Countdown of his highest-rated shows of 2014 at ‪#‎BlogTalkRadio


EPISODE 47: "GOODBYE HELTER SKELTER": A new look at the Charles Manson case with author George Stimson:

Listen to episode 48 DISNEY ANIMATOR ANDREW RAMOS at ‪#‎BlogTalkRadio‬


Richard Rossi and his film "Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories" have become the subject of worldwide press and controversy since news broke internationally of Papal support for his Clemente film and efforts to have the baseball great recognized as a saint.  In his first full-length addressing of questions since the story broke worldwide, Mr. Rossi answers questions, clarifies the truth, and refutes the tabloid rumors on episode 50.  Click HERE:

Episode #52 Richard pays tribute to Peter Falk's iconic TV character Columbo, the erratic and absent-minded detective who was a genius at solving homicides.  In his trademark rumpled raincoat, Columbo pesters his suspects, always returning to ask "one more thing."  Joining Richard is "Columbophile," an afficionado of Columbo who has kept the show before the masses. Here's link to listen to replay:

Episode #53 Legendary writer-producer KENNETH JOHNSON, creator of "THE BIONIC WOMAN," 'THE INCREDIBLE HULK," "V" and 'ALIEN NATION."  Join Richard & Kenneth for a discussion of both the artistic and spiritual nature of Kenneth's work. To listen, click HERE:

Episode #54

Episode #55 

Listen to  new episode #56: COOKING TO NURTURE BODY & SPIRIT: MASTER CHEF SCOTT SAYRE at ‪#‎BlogTalkRadio‬

Episode #57 Author & therapist Dennis Palumbo.  HOLLYWOOD ON THE COUCH: MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES FOR ARTISTS:


BIONIC WOMAN, 6 MILLION DOLLAR MAN FANS: Tune in to Episode 59 of Richards' radio show with OSCAR GOLDMAN (Richard Anderson) & writer Al Doshna celebrating the release of Richard Anderson's memoirs HERE:
LISTEN TODAY to Episode 60: Keep your extra weight off. Learn keys to giving fat away & healing spiritual issues underlying overeating with Dr. Judi Hollis:

Comedian Brooke Arnold shares how she escaped the fundamentalist organization the Duggars are a part of & how humor helped her recover, episode 61:

Guest Lindsay Wagner, More Than A Bionic Woman, tune in
to episode 62:
Peter Falk's daughter on memories of her Dad & the Peter Falk bill giving children right to see aging/incapacitated parents, listen to episode 63 HERE:

Richard discusses the Confederate Flag, the Book of Revelation, & Critical Thinking, listen to replay of episode 64 HERE:

Been cheated on? Cheated? How do you recover from devastation & betrayal?  Richard hosts relationship experts Brian & Anne Bercht to discuss "Beyond Affairs" on episode 65 listen:

WRITERS, get published, get your work out there, on Richard Rossi Live show 66 literary agent & writer Diane Nine listen HERE:



CHARLIE'S ANGELS FANS, Jack Condon, owner of the largest Charlie's Angels collection as certified by his Guinness World Record, shares thoughts on the iconic TV show.  Cis Rundle, the "4th Angel" who had a bit part in every episode and was a double for Cheryl Ladd calls in to Episode 70:

Kathy Garver​, Cissy from TV's  classic "Family Affair" on her just released memoir "Surviving Cissy," episode 71, click HERE:


Why the World Didn't End Today As Predicted by Blood Moon Doomsday Datesetters, Revelation Revealed, Pt. 2, (episode 73) listen by clicking HERE:

CANAAN LAND, THE CONTROVERSIAL FILM CAMPAIGN GOES LIVE, (Pt. 1) Richard Rossi & his sister writer-producer Elizabeth Rossi talk about Richard's upcoming film "Canaan Land" on episode 74.  The last of the classic Disney animators Andrew Ramos (The Lion King, Aladdin) calls in to share why this is an important film. Here's link so you can tune in:

CANAAN LAND, THE CONTROVERSIAL FILM CAMPAIGN GOES LIVE, (Pt. 2) Choreographer Stephanie Sullivan & Hula Hoop Queen & LA County Jail Chaplain Jozy Pollock discuss Richard's new film "Canaan Land" and the themes of toxic cults versus healthy authentic faith in Episode 75, click HERE:

THE BOOK OF REVELATION, Part 3, Richard continues teaching through Revelation, in this episode exploring the theme of his new film 'Canaan Land," how to discern true vs. false in the church. He speaks candidly about scandals & issues involving Christian personalities like televangelist Benny Hinn, TBN, Eddie Long, Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson & others.  Chapter 2 of Revelation addresses signs of toxic ministries you will learn about, such as: Personality Cults, Messianic Judaizers, leaders who give themselves titles in order to manipulate others, & the spirit of seduction.  To listen to Episode 76, click HERE:

Listen now to replay on important issues radio broadcast on morning after Paris attacks, Rescuing World from Fundamentalism & Terrorism, Keys from the Book of Revelation (Pt. 4 in Revelation series) Episode 77, click HERE:
Ruth Johnston​, a high school friend of Richard's wrote fascinating new book on understanding your mind & personality, Ruth & Richard discuss the book and also the use of archetypes in famous films, Episode 78:

Revelation ch. 4 - Spiritual Secrets to defeating Isis & media fearmongering, Rapture Crapture, Heaven & Worship, (Episode 79 & Richard's 5th installment on the Book of Revelation:

On episode 80, Richard interviews actress JULIE ADAMS. She reflects on Black Lagoon, Elvis, & more:
Why fundamentalism leads to fear, terrorism, & violence.  In episode 81, Richard continues his Revelation series showing common themes in the fundamentalism in all religions, including his own background as a student at Liberty University.  He examines the New Covenant of grace, inaugurated in figurative language by the Lamb opening a scroll in Revelation chapter 5:
Can Richard convert TRUMP & ISLAMIST supporters to a Christmas message of "Peace on earth Goodwill to men?" Listen to Episode 82 at this link:

Holiday show  - "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE" actress Karolyn "Zuzu" Grimes​ as guest on episode 83, listen in at this link:

JIMMY CARTER quits church because they "use Bible to subjugate women."  Does the Bible teach women are to be subservient to men? Is this healthy for a relationship?  In episode 84,  Richard & comedian Brooke Arnold debate woman-hating fundamentalist Rev. Daniel Hyles, head of B.O.W. (BIBLICALLY OBEDIENT WOMEN).  Callers include an apostolic female preacher, a transgender woman, a Hollywood actress, and an agnostic. Click:

New Year show to help you reach your goals. Comic/Impressionist MELISSA VILLASENOR (America's Got Talent, Season 6) &  surprise Disney guest on Episode 85, Click HERE:

As seen in film "Spotlight" on Episode 86 show we learn the shocking truth about pedophile priests & pastors, & healing for the victims, listen to replay HERE:

Richard's next radio show on Revelation, (part 7 in Revelation series, episode 87 of Richard's show on Blog Talk Radio).  Richard examines the archetypes of the four horses & the seals, populist politicians like Trump/Sanders, the dark side cellphone tracking technology dangers.  Richard examines the mistake the church has made tying their fortunes to various politicians in the last 40 years:

On this 43rd Anniversary of Roe v Wade decision legalizing abortion, Richard hosts Pro Choice and Pro Life advocates to debate the issue on episode 88. Click HERE:

Episode 89, What happens when straight wife finds out her husband is gay?  Guest Zena Dell Love wrote, directed, & starred in "Rag Doll," telling her true story of this experience.  In addition to producing films through her company, Mission Ranch Films, Zena is a screenwriting professor.  She shares her thoughts on writing, and the problems in "Christian films." To listen, click HERE:

IOWA CAUCUS SHOW: "Cruz is Messianic figure to save America," movement debates feminist Hillary supporter who wants to eliminate men from government, & a woman who thinks Trump is the bomb, 2 Vets for Rubio & Trump. Iowa winners debated - Replay Episode 90 HERE:
HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS show, celebrates the iconic basketball team.  Richard shares his connection to the team & Globetrotters guard Buckets Blakes calls in to say hi and invite listeners to upcoming shows.  Replay Episode 91, replay by clicking HERE:


Is the Ouija Board a tool of the devil, harmless family game—or fascinating glimpse into the non-conscious mind?  Linda Rodriguez McRobbie, an American freelance writer living in London England who covers the weird stuff for shares the strange, mysterious history of the Ouija Board, listen to episode 93 HERE:

Episode 94, Susie Singer Carter & her producing partner Don Priess discuss their new film project "My Mom & the Girl," starring Emmy-award winner Valerie Harper (TV's Rhoda).  The film is based on Susie's mother and her struggle with Alzheimer's.  Lister to replay HERE:
Interview with Jeri Massi, author of "The Big Book of Bad Baptist Preachers" about the epidemic of clergy sexual abuse of children in Christian Fundamentalism, episode 95, listen HERE:

"SPIN TO WIN" - PR & Pop Culture Expert Anthony Mora shows you how to get free press for your art, business, career.  Listen to episode 96 HERE:
OJ/NICOLE: Hear what you've never heard before, Nicole's sister TANYA BROWN opening up about OJ, her journey from grief to victory on Richard's show episode 97 this morning, POWERFUL! Replay HERE:

RANCE HOWARD, Veteran actor, father of Ron & Clint Howard, grandfather of Bryce Dallas shares an Actor's Journey in Episode 98:

DEBBIE KALB, political journalist discusses her new book for kids "The President & Me: George Washington & the Magic Hat" and the current political races in Episode 99:

In this 8th message in Richard Rossi's Revelation series & 100th episode of his Blog Talk Show, Richard examines the iconic 4 horsemen (war, economic injustice, death) & how to overcome panic attacks & fear when the world is crazy.  Richard answers the question what is the antichrist spirit or counterfeit Holy Spirit? Listen HERE:
SHOCKING truth about Benny Hinn, Paula White, TBN, ORU, how televangelists manipulate Bible & Jewish feasts to con you, listen to author of new book "SEED FAITH: HOW FALSE TEACHERS MANIPULATE FOR OFFERINGS" Susan Puzio, episode 101 HERE:
Richard's daughter Karis Rossi, recently invited by Princeton to do her Master's degree in theology at Princeton. On today's show, Karis discusses her thesis that the universe was created out of love, much as a loving married couple create children, because God is love. Karis & Richard discuss the importance of recognizing God is a Mystery, & answer controversial questions from listeners about God. Issues discusssed are meditation & silence, racism, megachurches, questioning God, answering atheism, & Holy Saturday, episode 102:

Award-winning author Linda Seger explores what it means to be a Christian & Democrat during the 2016 election. She asks the thought-provoking question: “How Do You Judge a Christian Candidate?” JESUS RODE A DONKEY - Dr. Linda Seger "Why I'm A Christian & A Democrat"

PASTORS TO THE STARS: Panel on Unique ministry to celebs/Hollywood "Redeeming the Screens" guests include Jozy Pollock, Gemma Wenger, LeaAnn Pendergrass, Sheri Pedigo, Olga Soler, Charlene Eber, Jeanne DeFazio,  listen to replay HERE: Redeeming the Screens: Media Ministers to Hollywood 

On episode 105, Richard discusses the Orlando shooting and contrasts toxic law-based religion of hate with true religion as described in the Epistle of James which is caring for orphans and widows. His guest, Patti Sue Arnold, is founder of the Casa De Fe Orphanage for abused and abandoned children in the rain forest of Ecuador. Listen HERE:


Episode 106, Richard hosts theology professor Sharon Baker Putt, author of "Razing Hell," and "Executing God," to rethink and reexamine toxic teachings regarding Hell, the cross, and the wrath and punishment of God.  Listen HERE:

Why do intelligent people believe weird things, and fall for Doomsday Datesetting? What is the true meaning of the Mark of the Beast? What is the meaning of the 144,000 chosen few? What Old Testament books contain the key to interpreting the symbols in Revelation? Listen to replay of show 107 on Book of Revelation, chapters 7 through 10:

If God is all good and all powerful, why is there suffering in the world? In episode 108, Richard continues his series on the Book of Revelation.  He reviews the first half Revelation then delves into chapter 11 to face the toughest theology question in history, the theodicy "Devil's Dilemma."  Richard also discusses the "Two Witnesses" in Revelation 11. Click HERE: REVELATION CHAPTER 11: ANSWERING THE DEVIL'S DILEMMA - WHY IS THERE SUFFERING?

Episode 109, Morgan Guyton discusses his book "HOW JESUS SAVES THE WORLD FROM US: 12 Antidotes To Toxic Christianity." Morgan and Richard discuss recovering from fundamentalism, the church growth movement & megachurch model, meditation, healthy evangelism & healthy congregations, and other topics.

Episode 110, Woodstock performer & music legend singer-songwriter MELANIE, discusses her music and performs several songs LIVE with her son Beau.  Click HERE:

Episode 111, VALERIE HARPER's first lead role in film post-cancer diagnosis in "MY MOM AND THE GIRL."  Scheduled panel guests are writer-director SUSIE SINGER CARTER, co-producer/editor DON PRIESS, and Emmy-wining actress LIZ TORRES.

Episode 112, novelist KATIE ANDRASKI discusses her controversial novel "THE RIVER CAUGHT SUNLIGHT" and the issues it raises about religion and politics, fundamentalism and the radical Religious Right, and what is the true gospel and the real Jesus?  Listen HERE:

Episode 113, Elvis Presley achieved accolades like no other as the King of Rock, yet his Grammy awards were for his favorite music - Gospel.  Larry Norman was the father of gospel rock.  Today, we talk with two women behind the men, actresses Mindi Miller and Pamela Newman.  Mindi dated Elvis at the height of his powers in the 1970's and Pamela was Larry Norman's wife when he created contemporary Christian music, penning iconic classics like I Wish We'd All Been Ready, I Am Your Servant, and The Rock That Doesn't Roll.  Elvis recorded Larry's songs and both are in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.  Mindi and Pam are united by these men, and by their friendship and faith.  Listen HERE:


PROPHETS FOR TRUMP vs. PROPHETS FOR CLINTON debate who will win election on Episode 114. Both groups claim God spoke to tem who will win, listen HERE: "TRUMP WINS BY LANDSLIDE, GUARANTEED" Rev. J. R. Phelps of "Prophets for Trump"


HALLOWEEN SHOW, Episode 115 features John A. Russo, writer of the greatest Halloween film of all time "Night of the Living Dead," discusses the iconic horror classic, indie filmmaking, and his upcoming horror film.  Richard also discusses conspiracy theories about Satanism, Harry Potter, Pokemon, the Illuminati. Listen to the show HERE:


Episode 116 "PROPHETS FOR TRUMP" DEBATE "TRUMP IS HITLER" PROTESTERS.  Rev. J. R. Phelps who calls himself a "Prophet for Trump" is one of Richard's guests. Phelps kicked Richard out of the "Prophets for Trump" group when Richard asked him if he was going to change the name of his ministry to "False Prophets for Trump."  On the other side of the aisle, Terry McDonald joins Richard.  McDonald is protesting Trump's victory and believes Trump will be the next Hitler.  Also, Gloria Borger from CNN weighs in on Trump's recent appointments.  Issues discussed are abortion, immigration, gay marriage, Trump's appointment of Bannon and Priebus and a final word from Richard on how to have peace of mind post-election.


Charles M. Schultz PEANUTS child star HILARY MOMBERGER, shares her spiritual journey from Peanuts to Percocet in Episode 117. Some wonderful help for those of you recovering from childhood wounds, listen HERE: 

"Whatever's weird about you, may be one of the best things about you," Matthew Lesko, the Question Mark Man says.  After two failed businesses, Matthew decided to have fun.  He suddenly became world famous for infomercials selling his self-published books about government grants wearing his trademark Question Mark suits.  He's been parodied on Saturday Night Live, and by comedians Conan O'Brien, Andy Dick, and John Oliver.  Matthew shares how to find success by finding you.  He encourages us in this inspiring interview to give the gift of your talents, to do what you love and the money will follow. Listen to Episode 118 HERE:


Twin Peaks star Sherilyn Fenn, discusses her new children's book "No Man's Land" that teaches children of all ages how to come out of the dark place of "No" to be open to positive possibilities.  She seeks to reveal how the smallest of adjustments in perception change and uplift one's life. The lesson of No Man's Land will ring true in the hearts of parents and children alike. So simple a lesson, yet so vast.  Listen to Episode 119 HERE:


Richard Rossi teaches a hopeful, Christ-centered view of the Book of Revelation in contrast with the Doomsday Datesetters and their bleak beliefs of the "end times."  "If you hear doomsday date-setters using the Bible to predict the world ends soon and we're in the last days and everything's bleak, don't believe them," Richard says. "The Bible says we are in a world without end (Read Ephesians 3:21) so pursue your dreams and enjoy life to the fullest."


Episode 120's show is the eleventh installment in Richard's teaching through the Book of Revelation, and deals with Revelation, chapter 12, the vision of the Mother and the Child.


On Episode 121, SEX ADDICTION is discussed in candid and graphic detail: Richard's guest Birgit shares her story of working as a prostitute in the high priced escort services that flew her around the world, & the dangers of selling sex & how she turned her life around.  Click HERE:


Linda Jo Miller was featured on the cover of several 1960's magazines, which is how she was spotted and then cast for her role in the 1967 Japanese cult classic “King Kong Escapes.”  She was in Japan because her father was in the Air Force and her beauty got her modeling jobs starting at age 17.  She took off from there, offered the lead in the classic monster movie, even though she had no acting experience.  She joins Richard to discuss the film and her life & faith on Episode 122.


BREAK YOUR CREATIVE BLOCK, ARTS Anonymous founder Abigail B. shares how to move forward with your art, survive financially as an artist, overcome put-downs and invalidating coments from others, and how to work on your creativity a bit each day.  This program is designed to inspire you to reach your full potential by following your passions.   Richard and Abigail also discuss the issue of dealing with mental health issues, such as bi-polar disorder.  Listen to replay of Episode 123 at:


IS THE CIRCUS GOING EXTINCT? Before becoming a minister, Austin Miles in younger years worked as a circus ringmaster in major bookings throughout the U.S. and Canada. He shares his insights on Episode 124 into the recent news of major circuses like Ringling Brothers closing due to concern about animal cruelty.  Rev. Miles is a chaplain in Northern California and is a writer and historian. He is the author of Santa’s Surprising Origins, a story that received worldwide circulation and resulted in him being cast in the 2004 Hallmark Christmas Movie titled, Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus. He played the mall Santa who magically received the gift of sign language. He penned a best-selling book Don't Call Me Brother about his experiences with PTL and the Assemblies of God churches. He writes a popular column Renew America, that comments on culture and politics.  Listen at:


On Episode 125, The Harlem Globetrotters are a worldwide icon, synonymous with family entertainment & great basketball. They've showcased their talents in 122 countries on 6 continents. Richard hosts Globetrotters star Slick Willie Shaw.  Listen HERE:


PETE ROSSI (1969-2017) INTERNATIONAL TRIBUTE SHOW. In episode 126, Richard memorializes his youngest brother Pete with help from family, friends, and musical collaborators:


Richard Rossi continues his series in the Book of Revelation. In episode 127, he covers Revelation, Chapter 13 - THE FUNDAMENTALIST PARANOID MINDSET AND THE BOOK OF REVELATION. Richard shows how a common background of being an outsider creates a vulnerability to believe a fundamentalist paranoid gestalt that is behind Isis, Christian rapture theories, Nazi-ism, and Illuminati conspiracy theories. You will learn what the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast is and isn't.


On Episode 128, BENNY HINN addresses criticisms of his ministry. Richard Rossi's controversial film "Canaan Land" currently filming has been threatened and protested by some of the biggest faith healers on TV because the film will show the difference between con artist frauds versus sincere believers. On today's program, Benny Hinn, the biggest name in faith healing, vents his anger.  Pope Francis weighs in with a supportive statement.  Also, street preacher James Bynum accuses Hinn of preaching a false gospel. Through it all, Richard defends his right to speak the truth and make his film.


B.B. KING FANS: Richard remembers his friend, the King of Blues, with his guest, Shirley King the "Daughter of the Blues" a great blues performer in her own right on Episode 129.  Listen HERE:


Episode 130 KNIGHT RIDER star REBECCA HOLDEN talks about her acting, film, and music career and also her being cast to play the lead role of Sister Sara in Richard Rossi's film Canaan Land. Listen HERE:


Episode 131 LAND OF THE LOST star KATHY COLEMAN talks about playing Holly on the show as well as her journey since.  Listen HERE:


Episode 132 WHEN WE'RE SIN​GIN: THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY AND THEIR MUSIC with guest John Miller who wrote the definitive anthology on their music.


TELEVANGELIST FAITH HEALER ERNEST ANGLEY: CULT OR CURE? Ernest Angley claims to be free from sin, have an angel by him when he preaches, and to have gifts of healing. On Episode 133, three former members of his church allege he is an abusive closeted cult leader controlling members and ordering abortions and vasectomies. Listen HERE: 


Episode 134, CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE. The power of positive thinking with guest Deborah Peters, listen HERE:


Episode 135, VAN HALEN: RUNNIN' WITH THE DEVIL - The unadulterated truth about Van Halen and their rise to fame as the biggest rock band in the world with guest, Van Halen manager Noel Monk. Find out finally the truth about the unanswered questions and Van Halen rumors.


Episode 136, TELEVANGELIST FAITH HEALER ERNEST ANGLEY, PART 2: SAINT OR SCOUNDREL? Richard continues his controversial series on Ernest Angley with 4 ex-members of Angley's Grace Cathedral in Akron, Ohio.  Dr. Marlene Winell, the leading therapist in the field of helping people exit and recover from abusive churches weighs in on the Angley situation and interacts with the ex-members. Listen HERE:


Episode 137, DR. DIANE PERLOV, Director of the California Science Center discusses 

discusses the  experience of inventor Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS: Pulse — a convergence of aesthetic anatomy, health and wellness.  This special exhibition presents real human bodies in sickness and health. Discover the human body's vulnerabilities and potential, and many of the challenges the human body faces as it navigates the 21st century. Listen HERE:

Episode 138, Author John Weaver discusses his book "The New Apostolic Reformation" which investigates groups amd charismatic ministers like Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, IHOP, Hillsong and more. Listen HERE:


OJ SIMPSON parole show, Richard is live on Episode 139 with OJ and his best friend Tom Scotto discussing OJ's getting parole to leave Nevada prison. Listen HERE:


On Roberto Clemente's birthday, Richard Rossi updates listeners on Episode 140 on the canonization of Roberto Clemente.  He also clarifies inaccuracies in some of the newspaper articles.  Is Roberto on the way to becoming a saint?  What issues had to be addressed and overcome recently?


Join theology Professor Paul Anderson & Richard on Episode 141 as wthey discuss Richard's favorite Bible book, the Gospel of John:
BETTE DAVIS daughter B.D. Hyman shares her journey from Hollywood to Holywood on Episode 142, and how she went from starring in film with her legendary mother to her conversion and calling to be a minister, tune in HERE:
Richard Rossi discusses two shocking stories in the news on Episode 143: The Joel Osteen allegations about closing his church to Hurricane Harvey victims, and Justin Bieber's Hillsong Church pedophile origins.  Richard shares his personal encounters with Joel Osteen, but doesn't let this bias him from an honest examination of both sides. Then, Richard reveals the startling history of pedophilia and sexual abuse of young boys at Justin Bieber's Hillsong church. Listen HERE:
JOEL OSTEEN INTERVIEWED ON RICHARD ROSSI LIVE (Parody through Clip Compilations), Episode 144. Richard asks Joel Osteen about the recent criticism on social media regarding Lakewood Church waiting to receive flood victims, the public perception that Joel is a slick con man similar to the character Richard plays in his upcoming film "Canaan Land," Joel's ten million dollar mansion, where his money comes from, whether Joel believes you have to be rich to be blessed and a blessing, and more (parody using soundbite clips compilation). Listen HERE:
LORI JEAN GLASS, Relationship Expert, discusses Relationship Withdrawal on Episode 145, Getting Off the Crazy Train of Toxic Romantic Relationships.  Lori Jean and Richard discuss sex and love addiction, Intensity vs. Intimacy, Technology and Dating, and God and the spiritual side of recovery. Listen HERE:
Aussie Amy Smith shares her experiences of growing up in a Pentecostal/Charismatic cult, the trauma of leaving and how she eventually got her faith back in a healthier way.  Richard also debunks fundamentalist preachers who claim recent hurricanes are God's judgment. Listen to Episode 146 HERE:
Crystal McVea shares her Near Death Experience after her heart stopped and she was clinically dead, she says she saw God and Heaven.  She is author of the New York Times bestselling books Waking Up In Heaven and Chasing Heaven.  Listen to Episode 147 HERE:
Revelation Chapter 14. Richard continues his Revelation series. He debunks doomsday datesetters predicting the end yet again for this coming weekend, addresses abusive preachers who claim the hurricanes are God's wrath, and answers fundamentalist critics of Richard and his film. Listen to Episode 148 HERE:
Episode 149, JOI LANSING, A BODY TO DIE FOR, guest Alexis Hunter shares the shocking true Hollywood story of sex symbol Joi Lansing's death because of silicone injections in pursuit of a perfect body, and the joyful hidden relationship between the two beautiful blondes.
Episode 150, HOLY HELL - ESCAPING BUDDHALAND - Filmmaker Will Allen and his colleague Chris Johnston talk about their experience in a West Hollywood eastern religion yoga cult led by a charismatic guru who allegedly eventually preyed on them and others in the group sexually.  Will's film "Holy Hell" played at Sundance and on CNN.  Listen HERE:
Episode 151, Elizabeth Esther, bestselling author of "GIRL AT THE END OF THE WORLD" shares her story of growing up in a fundamentalist, bible-based cult called the "Assembly" founded by her grandfather.  Elizabeth and Richard discuss her painful childhood and eventual journey to a healthier faith, what she calls now "spiritual sobriety." Listen HERE: 
Episode 152, renowned therapist Dr. Kathryn Rossi, shares how she integrates yoga, spirituality, meditation, and breathing techniques into her therapeutic practice.  Listen HERE:
Episode 153, Richard Rossi discusses the efforts of the support group he founded Families Fighting Fentanyl, and their efforts in combatting the opioid epidemic:
LEGENDARY BIGFOOT HUNTER, AUTHOR ,AND PRODUCER ROBERT MORGAN and his producer compatriot Jeff Stephan are Richard's guests on Episode 154:
Episode 155, Jetsetter Jozy Pollock discusses her memoirs "Backstage Pass to Heaven" about her journey from hanging with the rich and famous like John Lennon, she toured with Liberace as opening act, Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury, to her conversion and call to chaplaincy ministering to celebrities like the Menendez brothers, Robert Downey, Billy Preston, and others in L.A. County jail.
Episode 156, RESCUING REVELATION FROM FUNDAMENTALISTS - Pt. 14. Revelation Ch. 15: Richard Rossi continues his teaching series though the Book of Revelation, debunking Doomsday Datesetters and continuing into Revelation, chapter 15.  Richard discusses the mark of the Beast, the misuse of Revelation by spiritual terrorists, rapture crapture, and the meaning of the symbolic song and Christ's reconciliation of all.
Episode 157, TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR SUCCESS with Life Coach Sharon Wiley Minard:
Episode 158, SOCIAL MEDIA - When is it addictive? How can you use it more effectively to build a support system personally and professionally?  Guest is D.C. tech and social media expert Shana Glenzer, listen HERE: 
Episode 159, WHAT'S IT LIKE LIVING IN A WHEELCHAIR IN AMERICA? Richard Rossi and his wheelchair-bound mother Dorothy join Chananya Freedman, who has cerebral palsy, and Jo Ann Gilbert Rivas, who has been in a wheelchair five years.
Episode 160, Are you in college? Are you a parent with kids in college? This show will be helpful to stay mentally healthy while in college. Richard's guest is Dr. Marcia Morris author of THE CAMPUS CURE: A Parent's Guide to Mental Health and Wellness for College Students:
Episode 161, Pioneering guerrilla filmmaker Ted V. Mikels is discussed with author Kevin Scott Collier who wrote the definitive biography, filmmaker Kevin Michaels who made a documentary on Mikels life, and some of the stars of Mikels films such as (partial list) Donna Hamblin, Leslie McRay, James McEachin and more. 
Episode 162, theologian Dr. Buyd Purcell, author of the books "Spiritual Terrorism," and "Christianity Without Insanity," debunksthe toxic teachings of fundamentalism. They also discuss how these ideas aren't biblical and are damaging to mental health. 
Episode 163, MAKING MOVIES WITH ORSON WELLES.  Film historian Andrew J. Rausch, author of over 30 books, discuss the latter years of Welles life, making movies guerrilla style with his DP and collaborator, Gary Graver.  Listen HERE:
Episode 164, ABBA CALLING, Richard discusses having a healthier view of God as our loving Heavenly Father with guests Charles and Paula Slagle:
Listen to Recovery story of Sylvia, former prostitute, stripper, sensual masseuse as she shares a miraculous story of her transformation into woman with the courage to love in a healthy way and she now speaks to johns who are busted to help them learn to not objectify women. Technical difficulties in beginning, but worth listening to Episode 165. Click HERE:
Michael Cole, the heartthrob star of the iconic TV show discusses the highs and lows of his life, his spiritual journey and recovery, and his new memoirs, "I PLAYED THE WHITE GUY." Listen to episode 166 HERE:
Episode 167 "I ESCAPED A RELIGIOUS SEX CULT" - Ex-Children of God cult members Amy Brill and Ana Mony share how they came out of the cult that sent women out as Heavenly Harlots, sacred prostitutes to recruit men into the cult. Amy and Ana share how they're healing and the healing resources they're creating for others escaping cults. Listen HERE:
Episode 168, Listen to replay of a look at the life and mysterious death in the Holy Land of Bishop James Pike with guest his widow Diane Pike:
Episode 169, ERNEST ANGLEY, Pt. 3. Ginger Poore shares her journey from following faith healer Ernest Angley to prostitute. She tells how she escaped what she calls the Grace Cathredral cult, and discusses her book Demon Child to Child of God. Listen here:
Episode 170, HEDY LAMARR the bombshell actress who secretly invented the technology that defeated Hitler and gives us the Internet, GPS, and more. Researcher Bill Birnes discusses Hedy and her inventions as well as UFOS, the legacy of jerry lewis the comedian and more.
Episode 171, SHERI RILEY, best-selling author, discusses her book "Exponential Living," to help you stop spending 100% of your time on 10% of who you are.
Episode 172, Leading film scholar PROFESSOR JEANINE BASINGER, mentor to many of Hollywood's biggest directors discusses film, both classics and new film and advises current filmmakers:
WON'T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? Episode 173 THE FAITH OF FRED ROGERS. Christine Chakoian from Mr Rogers alma mater Pittsburgh Theological Seminary reflectS on the Christlike ministry of Mister Rogers Neighborhood:
Actor/Author/Pastor/Missionary Don Robb discusses his book of stories that includes a tale of a skeptic meeting and angel and a Roman soldier who witnessed the crucifixion. Richard and Don discuss questions about angels, Heaven, fear of death, and more, listen here:
Episode 175, BIGFOOT show: Richard discusses the famous film of Bigfoot walking through the woods with film historian Phil Hall, they also discuss lost films, bad films, and films about Jesus HERE:
Episode 176, Guest host, film producer, historian, and writer Al Doshna interviews filmmaker Richard Rossi to explore WHO IS RICHARD ROSSI? And WHY is he making his controversial film about faith "Canaan Land"?  In so doing Al seeks finds the WHO of the different audiences for the film, both sacred and secular, and how they may react to the questios the film raises.  Many topics are explored in this no-holds-barred interview. Al and Richard discuss the lead actress in "Canaan Land," Rebecca Holden, who starred in the mega-hit TV show Knight Rider. Also, Al produced a critically claimed film about cult director Ed Wood and explores he and Richard's connections to making movies on a small budget.  The Christian themes and issues in Canaan Land contrasting bad faith and good faith are expanded on, and the controversy of some fundamentalists wanting the film banned are discussed.  Listen HERE:
Episode 177, Marilyn Monroe & classic Hollywood with Richard's co-host his wife Sherrie Rossi, & guest Marillyn expert and Hollywood Revisited producer Greg Schreiner:
Episode 178, Talented actress DANAH BATES discussing her upcoming film "Alone" in which she portrays young girl who is victim of sex trafficking, and also discusses the genre of PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLERS. Listen HERE:
Episode 179, Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully, with hospice pioneer Frank Ostaseski, author of THE FIVE INVITATIONS. Frank and Richard have candid conversation abut fear of death, the positive and negative effects of religion on how people die, the possibility of reunion with relatives in the afterlife, what to do if you haven't saved for funeral expenses, how to love and live more fully. Click HERE: 
Episode 181, Richard's guest is Brenda Dietlein owner and producer from Glendale Centre Theatre, longest runing theater in Los Angeles HERE:
Episode 182, Listen to replay of with guest Cathy Fitzgibbon-Rudolph as Richard and Cathy discuss the life and legacy of comic icon PAUL LYNDE:
Episode 183, Homeward LA sponsors citywide play to alleviate homelessness. Producer Saundra Nicholson discusses Homeward LA, a 10-day citywide event fwhere multiple productions of monologues, based on stories from people who have experienced homelessness, will be performed by hundreds of actors (including host Richard Rossi) all around the city, inspiring the community to address the homeless crisis:
Episode 184, Award-winning actress Mary Rings founded Born to Act Players (BTAP) nearly two decades ago in a small studio space in North Hollywood, California, where a handful of young people with Down syndrome met to memorize lines and play theater games. Now her students star in hit shows and are SAG members: 
WHO STABBED ACTRESS CHRISTA HELM? HELP US SOLVE COLD CASE BY LISTENING & SHARING THIS LINK. Jamey DuVall & Richard discuss an unsolved mystery involving the murder of Christa Helm, a young actress & explore possible motives of a secret sex diary involving the biggest stars in Hollywood as well as world leaders.
Richard Rossi's sister Elizabeth Rossi discusses her new book on texting, the good & bad, & texting in both personal & professional relationships, listen HERE:
Episode 188, "I ESCAPED CULT CHURCH OF MAN WHO CLAIMED TO BE AN APOSTLE" POWERFUL INTERVIEW with Deanna Lewis, who was in a cultish charismatic church led by a self-proclaimed "Apostle." She shares her story of breaking free after the pastor sexually assaulted her, & how she got free of toxic religion. Play replay HERE:
Episode 189, Would you like to live the live of a free spirit? A discussion of iconic John Waters actress, writer, and gypsy, the late Cookie Mueller with her biographer Chloe Griffin:
Episode 190, CAROL SCHLANGER author of HIPPIE WOMAN WILD who left upper class life as YALE drama student to live in hippie commune:
Episode 191, POWERFUL INTERVIEW with pioneering worship leader and Vineyard founding father Carl Tuttle this morning. Richard and Carl talk about his book "Reckless Mercy," Lonnie Frisbee, Healing: Why are some healed and some not?, What is heart of powerful worship, Vineyard revival, etc..:
Episode 193, Pam Smart murder mystery that inspired the film "To Die For." For first time, Pamela's mother, prison professor, counselor, & her 3 closest lifelong friends present evidence you haven't heard in an effort to free Pam, listen HERE:
Episode 194, author LUCRETIA BINGHAM discusses her novel "Absolute Cornelia" a coming-of-age story about a girl growing up in a moralistic cult.  Lucretia and Richard discuss the good and bad aspects of conservative moralistic movements, and how to recover from a legalistic religious environment.  
Episode 195, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK SINATRA! Listen to replay of Sinatra show with guest Rico Simonini, star of "Frank and Ava" discussing Sinatra's passionate love for actress Ava Gardner:
Episode 197, DAWNA LEE HEISING, "Canaan Land" actress, bikini beauty contest winner:
Episode 198, Guest KEVIN MILLER discussing his provocative new film J.E.S.U.S.A. discussing the violent effects of mixing militant nationalism with Christianity, listen at this LINK:
Episode 200, Rich has encouraging word about coronavirus, practical psychological tips and sermon on Psalm 91. Listen now to replay HERE:
Episode 201, In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, Richard Rossi facilitates an international online worship service of Eternal Grace Church through his radio broadcast:
Episode 204, RICHARD ROSSI & REBECCA HOLDEN discuss Richard's new novel  "Canaan Land" and the film based on the novel Rebecca stars in.
This message on Revelation 18 and 19, is controversial, RR teaching on Revelation and Debunking and Exposing Covid Conspiracy Theories from False Prophets, Telelvangelists, and those Merchandising Spiritual Gifts:
Richard Rossi continues his teaching on the Book of Revelation, on this show he discusses Chapter 20, "One Thousand Years":
Iconic actress Diane McBain discusses her neW novel "THE LAUGHING BEAR" ON RICHARD ROSSI LIVE:
Richard Rossi sermon on identifying unbiblical and unhealthy teachings popular in Christian circles and how to recover from toxic teachings to reclaim a healthy spiritual walk: 
EASTER 2021 SERVICE: 4 Benefits from the Resurrection in the Here and Now:
ETERNAL GRACE SERVICE, May 16, 2021: RR preaches on "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" and answers questions about sex, love, marriage and biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek 
Richard on Minnesota radio station KDMA with hosts Clint Narramore. RR discusses his film "Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories:

Listen NOW to Richard's interview on his Clemente film "Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories"​ on sports/hiphop RAP Station with Michael Tillery. It can now be heard on replay click here:


Listen to replay to Richard's radio show "Richard Rossi Live" a special program with guest Isaac Bar-jonah (the actor who plays "Sangy" in Richard's movie "Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories") discussing Clemente & film screenings. To listen, click HERE:


Richard Rossi's September 7, 2013 radio interview with Marty Lurie on Clemente film is now online if you missed it:


For those of you who missed Richard's Dennis Miller Show interview about his Roberto Clemente movie, here's a link, thanks Dennis for promoting it on your website:

Radio interview with director Richard Rossi and Neil Haley on Clemente film (Scroll down to 8/14/13)


New interview: "Baseball's Last Hero" Director Richard Rossi with Pirates great Al Oliver on Neil Haley show listen FREE @ this link:


PLAYING ROBERTO RADIO INTERVIEW: Olympian Jamie Nieto talks with Marty Lurie about landing the film role of Clemente & his stellar performance that's generating buzz that he'll win awards for his acting. To listen free, click HERE:




Richard interview on Faster Podcast (September, 2021):


2020 RR discusses his Canaan Land novel and film on urban popular podcast:


Richard gives guidance for creative and unconventional people as a guest interviewed by Patricia Durgin. Click HERE:


Richard as guest on Sheri Pedigo's radio show on June 4, 2018 about his father, and remembering our father's with love, healing from any wounds from our fathers, listen HERE:



2018: Richard as guest yesterday on Neil S. Haley radio show discussing Canaan Land, Roberto Clemente, televangelists Benny Hinn & Joel Osteen, politics & religion, & more, listen HERE:


Richard's radio interview about his book "CREATE YOUR LIFE." To listen free, click HERE:


Richard's radio interview about his novel "STICK MAN."  To listen free, click HERE:


News article about Richard's recent hour long radio interview on KDKA radio in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  To read, click HERE:


Richard on Rev. Danny Morano's program "Let's Talk: God Is Not Religious" on March 9, 2014. Richard discusses his film & books, his perspective on faith & the arts, & audience questions on this faith-based program. Click




If you missed Richard's most in-depth interview about his controversial novel Stick Man on Rev. Danny Morano's show listen to replay HERE:


Rossi Family Christmas in Hollywood. L to R: Richard, his wife Sherrie, daughter Karis, & son Joshua.

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